The best method to transport in Bangkok area !!

If you think about Bangkok, what is the thing that comes into your mind? Thai food? Temple? Smiling people? Shopping? I bet you won’t miss the “Bangkok’s traffic”. Bangkok is notorious about its terrible traffic. Thousand of cars, buses, taxi, motorcycles are on the rush hour. It is even worse if there is an accident or after the rain. Don’t be surprised if it would take you two hours commuting just 20 Kilometers. I guess you don’t want to imagine how bad getting stuck on the road. Such a nightmare!! To relieve the problem, Bangkok Metropolitan Administration has provided a metro which definitely helps reduce the commute time in the peak hour. Yes, we do have BTS Skytrain, MRT subway, and Airport Link.

It is a standard mass transit system commonly used in cosmopolitan cities. The SkyTrain runs on an elevated track, using a third-rail system to supply electricity, with in-bound and out-bound trains running on separate tracks and platforms. The BTS SkyTrain changes the face of the urban commute and raises the standard of mass transit services with each train serving up to 1,000 passengers per journey compared to the 800 vehicles on the roads transporting the same number of commuters.
In addition to serving businesses, shopping districts and residential areas in the heart of Bangkok, an extension project is also in the plan in order to reach the broader community of potential passengers in suburban bangkok.
The BTS SkyTrain operates on two lines: The first one, Sukhumvit Line (Route 1), running 17 kilometers from Bearing Station (Bangna) to Mochit Station (Jatujak Weekend Market). The second one, Silom Line (Route 2), running 6.5 kilometers from National Stadium or MBK Station to Wongwian Yai Station. The Transit between these line is Siam Station where is the center of shopping area.

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